Shutting your neighbours up for good

Hotline: +46 (0)703 980 861

  1. What the
    hell is it?

    Pause Home Entertainment is one of Sweden's best known stores for top notch audio equipment. They sell the really heavy stuff. And by heavy, we mean brutally amazing. Sound so big that it will out-sound any loud and disturbing neighbour. To prove it, we created a new service that will blow your mind, literally. And above all, shut your neighbours disturbing activities up for all eternity. So, say hello to the Audiolord, and good bye to annoying neighbours.

  2. How does
    it work?

    First of all, locate your disturbing neighbours. Now, that wasn't so hard, was it? Then call the Audiolord Hotline and leave a message with your name, adress and telephone number. Now wait for the Audiolord to confirm your call and accept the mission. Wait for the Audiolord to arrive. Let him take care of business, and don't ask any questions. Behold the miracles of really big sound.

  3. How much
    does it cost?

    This service is a major operation for people who really, really want to teach their loud neighbours a lesson. If Audiolord can't shut your neighbours up, no one can. With that in mind, the price is just about right at 750 Euros per intervention. And for your own good, please remember that the Audiolord never ever negotiates.

The Equipment

Audiolord uses equipment from Pause Home Entertainment. Why? Because they deliver the most powerful sound imaginable.

The Van

Audiolord drives a specially equipped ”AudioVan” with plenty of space for his entire sound-arsenal.

The suit

Audiolord always wears a specially tailored ”AudioSuit”, totally soundproof and equipped with on skin-speakers that help him become part of the big sound himself.


Please consider that this is an ”emergency number” for people who are definitely, positively sure that they can't stand their loud and disturbing neighbours for another second. So don't call it unless you really, really mean business.

+46 (0)703 980 861

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